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“Angela’a barre class is awesome! She really makes you feel the burn and makes that one hour worth it! I appreciate that she values proper body alignment, gives breath cues and modifications and her playlists are great. Highly recommend!”

Allison F, USA

“I have been doing barre for years and have tried almost every barre franchise on the west coast, and some different boutique studios in different parts of the world. The Good Barre is by far the best barre class I have ever taken. Angela is warm and funny, and genuinely cares about her clients’ well being. She always offers unique individual modifications and encourages her clients to take care of themselves. Her classes feel like physical therapy with a challenging yet attainable workout. It is clear how passionate she is about her work, demonstrated by her inspiring, dynamic music sets, her one of a kind choreography, and her lovely studio atmosphere. I take her in-studio classes 3 times a week and never experience the same class twice. If you are looking for a workout that is fun, challenging and puts your body in tip top shape, then you’ve found your place.”

Rinat A, USA

“I love Angela’s on demand workouts. They are such a benefit in my daily life. She is lovely, motivating and super inspirational.”

Regina S, Austria

“I cannot say enough good things about Angela’s barre classes. Having Fibromyalgia has made it difficult for me to workout, in general. Angela’s class has actually helped my fibromyalgia pain and discomfort. My flexibility has greatly improved and I have noticed a huge difference in my muscle strength, tone and in my energy levels. I also love that I can do the classes from the comfort of my own home and on my own time. Angela is a great instructor and is so thorough with her instructions. Thank you for providing such an amazing workout and helping me to improve me health and body!”

Cassandra F, USA

“What a phenomenal workout! Angela is so detailed and precise when she explains and displays the movements. She already answers my questions before I even ask them while watching her. I feel the workout immediately in the areas that I’m targeting and can’t wait to talk with her on making my individual plan. Great job Angela!

Megan B, USA

“I luuuuurve Angela’s teaching style; she is truly knowledgeable about objectives of given exercises, offering modifications as necessary and cueing in a way that is so easy for everyone to understand. Angela is a fantastic ambassador for the amazing method that is barre, offering in studio and online classes. Even accessing her classes online several thousand miles away from her studio, you are really made to feel like a valued part of the class with her encouraging comments, (including the occasional joke to keep you smiling through the barre burn) and helpful cues that make sure you are aligning your body correctly to get the maximum benefit from every single movement. The moves themselves are low impact but designed to be high intensity so you work every muscle group (including those you didn’t know you had) in a way that you’ve never experienced if you are new to barre. If you are a seasoned barre-vista, you’ll be used to pushing those muscles to fatigue and Angela knows just when to switch up that burn with “a few more pulses pleases” or stay in that isometric hold to make sure your body is working to it’s optimum. If you are lucky enough to live in Portland and can head over to The Good Barre, get yourself down to the studio, I would be there in a heartbeat, if I lived closer. Until I actually get stateside, I’ll continue to benefit form the live online classes. Even via Zoom, Angela’s warmth and positive energy comes across: she is such a personable instructor with a fountain of knowledge and extensive repertoire of barre exercises and techniques to work every muscle in your body.”

Sarah W, United Kingdom

“I’m an on demand customer who can say this really is the good barre. I had tried four other streaming barre services before this one. Angela’s passion for fitness is contagious and her discipline when it comes to putting out content for us is above all. If you love authentic Lotte Berk barre that gets the job done, in a way that works for the time you have – this is for you!”

Jennifer D, USA

“While searching for the Lotte Berk method online (mother of all barre workouts), I came across Angela and her Good Barre streaming service. Since I live nowhere near her studio, far away in Europe, streaming workouts are a Godsend. And I wasn’t disappointed. Angela delivers true Lotte Berk spirit through her videos. There are 60 minute videos but I especially love the shorter ones, 10-40 min formats, that sometimes perfectly fit my busy schedule. She adds new content regularly, mixes and matches effective moves so that every muscle group is effectively trained. Her explanations are clear, precise and thoughtful. I love the way that she incorporated arm workouts. The Lotte Berk method doesn’t train the arms enough, but Angela managed to deliver the good upper body exercises that deliver results without heavy lifting. After every class, I can feel my body lengthen and strengthen. And she delivers all of that at an amazingly affordable price. I love The Good Barre! Thank you, Angela!”

Irena S, Serbia

“Angela is passionate about the Lotte Berk format and is extremely knowledgeable about the moves and what each exercise accomplishes. She wants her students to reap the full benefit and it shows in every class that she teaches. Plus, she has an awesome sense of humor, so you don’t realize just how hard you’re working until it’s over.

Kelly H, USA

“Fast results, easy to follow. Angela is very knowledgeable and will tailor a workout to your needs.”

Heather C, USA

“I am a runner who likes to add in exercises that compliment my sport. Angela’s barre workouts not only compliment running, but have actually helped me improve. I am getting leaner, quicker and the additional tone started to show after the first week. Thank you, Angela! Your workouts are incredible. Im totally hooked on The Good Barre now.”

Jenniffer C, USA

“I’ve been taking Angela’s class for a little over a month. Not only is it fun, but I’m already seeing a difference. My core is getting firmer and I feel my arms are stronger. Highly recommend her classes!”

Melissa H, USA

“Love Angela and her classes! It kicks my booty and is great cross training activity for my endurance running.”

Sarah L, USA

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