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Hi, my name is Angela Karner. The Original Lotte Berk Technique has changed my view on fitness since my first class in 2017. My mission is to share these transformative exercises, and the sense of community that accompanies the class, with as many people as possible.

The first barre class that I had ever attended was in March of 2017 at The London Method in Long Beach, CA. From that very first class, I was hooked. My favorite things were the fun, inclusive atmosphere and the challenge I got from the exercises. I also felt intrigued by the rich and dramatic history behind the method and wanted to learn as much as I could about it.

I completed my teacher training at The London Method in March 2018, weeks before moving to Colorado. Soon after moving I began teaching small group classes in my home studio. It was wonderful to build the same type of community that this technique had brought to my life in Long Beach.

Everything came to a stop when the pandemic arrived. I missed teaching and decided to create a private Facebook group to share the technique with friends during lockdown. This became The Good Barre.

I finally found a name to go along with my mission (thanks, Blake). I continued my quest to share the amazing work of Lotte Berk and her daughter, Esther Fairfax. In October 2020, I had the honor of becoming the first person ever to be virtually certified by Esther Fairfax.

Presently, The Good Barre continues to share Lotte’s work via live stream classes and on-demand video collection. The next chapter will be a new studio in a new city, stay tuned. I hope you will join me in celebrating and honoring The Original Lotte Berk Technique.

Thank you for your support, I am grateful to have you as a member of this community!

Welcome to The Good Barre™ Established March, 2020

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