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About Angela & The Good Barre

Hi, my name is Angela Karner. I have been teaching the barre classes since 2018. My training and certification are from The London Method. In 2020 I earned an endorsement from Lotte Berk’s daughter, Esther Fairfax. Currently, I am training in The Barre Variations Method.  Before my children were born, I traveled the world working as a USCG licensed captain on private yachts and research vessels. I am a wife and the proud mother of 2 toddlers. I am a life long athlete and marathon runner, My family and I currently reside in Portland, OR USA

It is an absolute pleasure to share the method that I love! The Good Barre is inspired by the work of Lotte Berk with an American twist. I am enthusiastic about teaching and about creating a safe and supportive space. Each client receives clear instruction, verbal and/or hands-on form corrections and modification options. The Good Barre is body positive, inclusive and encouraging. Barre is for everybody!

About The Lotte Berk Technique

The Original Technique was created by German ballerina Lotte Berk in 1959. Her innovative and highly effective exercises are a blend of yoga, modern ballet and physical therapy. Berk created the system of exercises specifically with non dancers in mind. The technique uses tiny movements to shape, strengthen and tone the entire body. The Original class improves balance, flexibility and builds overall strength. Lotte’s exercises place great emphasis upon core stability, form and proper alignment. The true roots of barre.

What to Expect in Class

The Good Barre is a strength conditioning class. The workouts are designed to work each muscle group followed by an immediate stretch. The class moves fluidly; however, is not a cardio class. Each class starts with an invigorating warm up and ends with a relaxing final stretch. Appropriate for all experience levels, modifications given.

Live stream: Please download zoom prior to your session. You may keep your camera off, is you prefer. The classes are recorded: however, only the speaker view is recorded. Clients will not be shown on the recordings and everyone registered for the session will receive a recording after class. Recordings expire after 48 hours. Be sure to read “Tips to Maximize Your Live Stream Experience” at the bottom of the schedule page.

In-Person: Please bring sock to be worn in-studio, grippy socks are preferred. Hands-on corrections will be given, please let me know if you are uncomfortable with hands-on and prefer only verbal corrections. Small group classes accommodate 5 students. Current COVID protocols will be discussed prior to your session and are ever-evolving to meet current standards for safety. My studio is located in my home and the address will be included in the confirmation email once you’ve booked a class. Send me an email if you would like the address prior to booking a class, I understand the importance of location. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns. I’m happy to provide anything further to make your barre experience worry-free and fun.