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What Is Barre?

Barre fitness is a low impact, fusion workout class that combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. Classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves, such as pliƩs, alongside static stretches. Workouts focus on high reps of small range movements. Barre also uses isometric movements, targeting specific muscle groups, performed while holding the rest of the body still. Barre delivers a full body workout and is great for strengthening your core. Because barre is low impact, but high intensity. Classes can easily be modified for pre and post natal clients.

About The Good Barre

Offering semi private and private training in SW Portland, OR. Specializing in hands-on and personalized instruction. You won’t get lost in the crowd in groups of 5. Classes are held in a gorgeous, on-property boutique studio. All levels welcome!

Online services include live stream classes, on demand memberships and video rentals. Get the in-studio experience in your home with an interactive live stream session. Barre anytime with prerecorded on demand videos, sign up for an unlimited membership or rent individual workouts.

The Good Barre method incorporates many of my trainings to provide a challenging and effective workout for all levels. I use aspects of strength training, blended with ballet-inspired flows, to keep workouts endlessly creative. I converge sequences from the original Lotte Berk technique with American style barre to work all of the muscle groups, while improving mobility and balance. My classes are creative and unique. I aim to see clients having FUN while they challenge themselves.

About Angela

My name is Angela Karner and I am a professional fitness instructor. Movement has always been an important part of my life. I am a former competitive gymnast and elite marathon runner. The sense of community and support that I felt in group classes is what led me to become an instructor.

Prior to becoming a fitness instructor, I worked as a yacht captain and engineer. At age 29 I earned a USCG 200 ton captain’s license and an RYA marine engineering license. I worked as captain and engineer aboard private yachts and research vessels, world-wide.

I retired from my life at sea at age 35, just before my first child was born. My husband, David, and I now have 2 children. I decided to make my group fitness hobby into a profession when traveling was no longer feasible. I have completed multiple instructor trainings in different modalities since.

My main objective, as a trainer, is to help others find what works for THEM. My goal is to make my classes equal parts FUN and challenging. The workout that will work, is the one that the person enjoys and is readily accessible. I love to help others grow and feel strong!

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