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Not your average barre class! Owner/Trainer, Angela Karner is a renowned movement innovator, passionate about creating unique workouts for all fitness levels.

Offering small group classes in a beautiful boutique studio, located in Portland, Oregon. Class sizes are small, ensuring a personalized movement experience for all.

The on demand video library features 200+ workouts with new videos added each week. 5-60 minute options provide the perfect at-home workout for your schedule and goals.

✨Upper + Lower Body: Band + Weights✨ Challenge your balance and coordination while working every inch of the body. Hope you will give this a try, save for later! 

✨8-16 of each:

1. Plié
2. Arms extend 
3. Pulse 3 + rise/arms extend
4. Alternating forward raise + twist
5. External rotation + forward serve
6. Pulse legs + rotation 

🦩My beautiful loop band is from @wildmingo and the pattern is “Joy”. FREE shipping, worldwide, and 15% off with code ANGELA15. They sell individual bands! 🙌 Link in stories. 

✨Have a happy weekend, friends! 🫶 Angela 

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✨Core with Mini Ball✨ Try this fun and challenging core series! I am wearing 1 lb wrist weight to add some extra 🔥. If you don’t have a mini ball, squeeze a pillow or your kid’s stuffed animal.

⚠️ video has been sped up for IG

✨Try 8-10 of each:
1. Lean + squeeze
2. Twist
3. Raise + lower arms
4. Add legs lift 🔥
5. Boat pose: squeeze ball

✨Have a happy Thursday, friends! On demand promo: 1st month $10 with code FALL2023. Sign up link in stories. 
🫶 Angela 

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Ball and weights @bala 
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Comment “shopping link” and I’ll send you the link. 

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