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The Original Technique is ideal for at-home fitness.

The Lotte Berk technique combines elements of modern ballet, yoga and physical therapy. Expect an increase in overall strength, enhanced flexibility and balance, as well as a more refined posture. This low impact workout is safe to do everyday and is beneficial to mind/body connectivity. Modifications given to accommodate all experience levels.

The Original Lotte Berk Technique, 1 hour workouts.

30 short workouts for the core. Each video is 2-3 moves.

30 short workouts for the legs. Each video is 2-3 moves and a stretch.

21 short workouts for the backside. Videos are 2-3 lifting & shaping moves.

Each 1 hour workout integrates 2 or 3 props into the Original.

Workouts targeting specific areas of the body in under 20 minutes.

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